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Introducing... Trellix Insights!

Trellix Insights, a new space optimization tool leveraging the data collected by your lighting system.

Commercial buildings are dynamic spaces pressured by changes in workers' behaviors and the rising operation cost. Understanding how employees and visitors use the workspaces to improve real estate management and user experience is key, especially within the current pandemic. To help further our end-customer, we are launching Trellix Insights, a tool leveraging the data collected by our lighting system, providing instant visibility and reports on their space for optimization.

By gathering advanced space information, Trellix Insights helps:

  • Real estate planners to make an accurate forecast of their space requirements and avoid unnecessary expansion or reduction.
  • Facility managers to understand the space occupancy patterns to adapt equipment allocation, space remodeling, and building services such as equipment sanitization and supplies to suit occupant needs better
  • Building users' wellbeing, safety, and overall experience within and outside office hours with optimized real-estate assets and building-related services

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