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Metalux OHB Expansion

With our latest product improvements and competitive pricing, the Metalux OHB continues to strengthen its position as the most versatile LED High Bay in the industry with leading performance and reliability for customers.

The Metalux OHB 2ft Linear High Bay is now available in 2ft lengths from 9K up to 36K lumens. Standard Efficacy (SE) and High Efficacy (HE) are on the same spec sheet. OHB-36K-SE is now a 2ft fixture.

The Metalux OHBL, 4ft Linear High Bay is a new 4ft, narrow 2 row version of our lower lumen fixtures (12K up to 36K lumens). OHBL delivers increased efficacy in our standard lumen packages. 4ft OHB 48K and 60K lumen fixtures are now offered as OHBL.

OHB and OHBL are available with WaveLinx Lite, a Simple, Secure and Scalable solution that blends the simplicity of standalone installation with the usability of a controlled system for an easily configured space providing an exceptional occupant experience enabled by sensor grouping and zoning.

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