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Introducing LattiX™Acoustic Solution

Lattix™ acoustic grids integrate within the StencilFlex® framework at a low installation cost and are easy to install, merging light and acoustic needs into one solution.


Yes… a sphere may be the most common and basic of geometric forms. Yet, Kwyet Sphere has been elevated, giving designers aesthetic versatility in both form and function where light meets sound in built environments.

Neat, organized, and customizable.

The VodeNODE allows you to centrally locate the drivers wherever you want, simplifying installation and maintenance over the lifetime of your lighting system.

Featured Product Family: Lumark WPM Wall Pack LED

The WPM Wall Pack LED luminaire provides a traditional form with high performance energy efficient illumination. Rugged die-cast aluminum construction with a gasketed housing make the WPM virtually impenetrable to contaminants. Replacing up to 450W metal halide equivalent, the WPM wall luminaire is ideal for pathway illumination, building entrances, vehicle ramps, schools, tunnels, stairways and loading docks.

The Best Lighting for Offices: Part 2

From individual office to shared work spaces, communal break rooms and lobbies, lighting shapes a cohesive environment to ensure that individuals are content and performing at their best.