LEX News

No More Shadows with Kitchen Task Lighting

If you want to remodel your kitchen in the next 12 months, there are many things to consider besides appliances, flooring, paint color, and backsplashes. The lighting you choose will make the most impact on the functionality of the space, especially the under-cabinet lighting.

Integral Alpine and Alpine II Now Available

Our Alpine and Alpine II downlights have become popular fixtures used in both interior and exterior applications. In response to their popularity, we recently expanded the line to include frequently requested Integral versions for both.

Rise Above Ordinary LED Lighting at Cultivate'22 with Arize® from Current™

Current™ invites growers to learn about never-before-possible methods for smarter farming and faster growth at Cultivate’22 —the premier event for the entire green industry. 

Now Available: Neo-Ray Define UV-C

The Neo-Ray Define UV-C Series combines the great flexibility of Define with upper air UV-C disinfection in a single luminaire, bringing beauty to the job of silently killing bacteria and inactivating viruses.

YSU Finds Creative Inspiration in Lumetta’s Illumination of Seminar Room

Lumetta’s LED lamping proved to be the perfect solution to properly illuminate Kilcawley Center‘s Ohio Room at Youngstown State University.