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Shaper PrentaLux Collection receives Best of NeoCon Awards

Cooper Lighting Solutions is thrilled to announce that the new Shaper PrentaLux (printed light) luminaire collection received a Best of NeoCon – Lighting: Decorative – Gold award AND a Best of NeoCon – Lighting: Innovation award.

2022 ArchLIGHT Summit Opens Registration for Attendees

ArchLIGHT Summit, the new lighting trade event and educational platform for the architectural, specification and design communities, has officially opened registration for attendees.

Artificial Light at Night: State of the Science 2022 Report

The International Dark-Sky Association released a high-level overview of the best of our scientific understanding of how artificial light at night affects the nighttime environment.

UltraLights Akūt. Thoughtful design, from any angle.

Akūt sconces by UltraLights strike a discerning balance between modern lines and decorative detail.

Businesses Have Many Reasons to Love LED Lighting Technology

From Cooper Lighting Solutions: Incandescent lighting has had a long run - more than 100 years, in fact - but it's falling out of favor as LED lighting becomes more commonplace. Why the change? For starters, LED Technology has resulted in lighting that lasts 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting and uses at least 75% less energy.